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Reiki Share Groups

Face-to-Face & Online Groups

Hands-on Reiki practice in Komyo ReikiDo Reiki Share Group
A student enjoying Reiki hands-on practice in Komyo ReikiDo's Reiki Share Group.

Give & receive Reiki. Practice Reiki based on Komyo ReikiDo Share Practice/techniques & group hands-on healing. Open Reiju (Reiki blessing) is also offered by Sally Wain and/or other Komyo ReikiDo Shihans (teachers).


Share space with other like-minded people, have a cuppa & connect.


Reiki share groups are open to Komyo ReikiDo students & other Reiki Practitioners of other lineages, Reiki Level 1 to Teaching Level, all are welcome.


Verification of Reiki lineage will be requested.


Held monthly on a Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm approx in Mitcham. Numbers are limited. For more details, please use the contact form below.

$20 per person

Online Komyo ReikiDo Share Group

An online Reiki practice group for all lineages who are not able to attend the face-to-face Reiki Share or wish to have a practice session from the comforts of home.

Program using Komyo ReikiDo practices of

  • Reciting the Gokai

  • Hatsurei Ho

  • Self-healing meditation

  • Shuchu Reiki (a type of distant healing) for every participant

Schedule may change without notice.

Please use contact form if you would like to atttend. Proof of Reiki lineage & supply of current certificate will be required.

Payment via PayPal/credit card. No refunds if you do not attend.

7:30pm to 9:00pm approx

via Zoom on the last Wednesday of every month.

$10 per person

Online Reiki Practice

Would like more details?  Contact us.

Thank you!

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