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11th to 19th November 2024

Komyo ReikiDo Shinpiden & Tour in Kyoto

11th to 19th November 2024

A fantastic opportunity for existing Reiki Masters to learn from Hyakuten Inamoto in Kyoto where Mt. Kurama, recognised as the birthplace of Reiki, is located.

The itinerary includes:

· 4 days Shinpiden training with Inamoto Sensei.
· 2 Reiki Shares with Inamoto Sensei at Daizen-in Buddhist temple.
· Tour to Mt. Kurama with Inamoto Sensei.
· Professional tour guides to parts of western Kyoto, Gion & eastern Kyoto.
· Tea ceremony.
· Zen meditation at a Zen Temple.
· Accommodation including breakfast.
· Dinners (set menu) at local restaurants for 6 nights.
· Entrance fees to temples, Mt. Kurama, and shrines listed on the tour itinerary.
· IC card (public transport card preloaded with ¥8,000).
· 17 places only ****update 5 places left****

Pre-requisite: Existing Reiki Master, Komyo ReikiDo Shihan Candidates/Shihan and Komyo ReikiDo Okuden who took Level 3 before November 2023.

You organiser is Sally Wain, the Australian representative of Hyakuten Inamoto, the founder of Komyo ReikiDo.

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