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What is Komyo ReikiDo?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Komyo means bright light. The circle signifies oneness or no separation.

What is Komyo Reiki Do 光明靈氣道?

Komyo ReikiDo (pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Doh) is a keep-it-simple style of Reiki Ryoho (Reiki Healing Art/Method or Therapy) founded in Kyoto Japan by Buddhist Monk Hyakuten Inamoto. The daily purpose for Reiki practice is to be happy and healthy. The ultimate purpose is absolute inner peace or Satori.

光明 Komyo means illumination or enlightenment

靈氣Reiki means the energy of the heavens and earth or commonly known as (transcendental) universal energy

道 Do means the way or path that is spiritual in nature.

So, the meaning of Komyo ReikiDo can be interpreted as the Way to enlightenment by means of transcendental universal energy. Enlightenment sometimes sounds a bit flaky and something beyond our reach. But it may be described as simply feeling a deep pervading calm within, so that we can see what is there before us, that is, see reality for what it is. Everyone has the capability to feel this calm, and many have felt this for a split second but have not recognised it for what it is.

What makes Komyo ReikiDo different is that our practice is taken into everyday life not just in a quiet room practising Reiki Ryoho. Komyo ReikiDo has fewer techniques than many Reiki systems, easy for everyone to practice. There are no bells and whistles, just a 'less is more' type of practice where fewer techniques practised frequently brings greater results. While Komyo ReikiDo is deceptively simple, it is the simplicity that forces an inward journey where spiritual awareness and practice grow. Komyo ReikiDo deals with both the physical and spiritual practice, affecting the whole person, mind and body like two sides of a coin. As Komyo ReikiDo’s practice motto says, ‘Place your hands, Surrender and Smile’. ‘Placing your hands’ deals with the physical, ‘Surrender’ is about the mind and letting go, and for me, ‘Smile’ is about acceptance. This motto can be applied not just in Reiki treatments but in the practice of life. Along with the Reiki Principles which is the most important spiritual practice, surrender can be one of the hardest practices of all. It is about rising above our preconceived ideas, expectations, perceptions and preconditioning to live a peaceful life, free from irritations, anger, attachments or in other words, free from suffering.

The Reiki Principles underpin Komyo ReikiDo practice. There are five principles or precepts that originated from Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho and the father of Reiki systems worldwide. They are:

Today only

Anger not

Worry not

With gratitude

Work diligently

Be kind to others

These principles are life principles, a way forward to being calmer and more present in life. This is a practice of mindfulness, surrender, gratitude, compassion, and a reminder that right effort in practice is needed. And, if the day did not go well, there is another chance to do better the next day.

Practising Reiki, physically and spiritually, helps us to feel calm and as the practice grows, getting to that place of calm is quicker. The calm and clarity that follows, extends further as practice becomes a lifestyle and then extends even further into daily activities, bit by bit. Reiki is accumulative and practice is lifelong. As Inamoto Sensei, the Founder of Komyo ReikiDo says ’ There’s no diploma in spiritual practice’. While lifelong practice may be a ‘put off’ for some, for those who practise Reiki Ryoho frequently, they really know the value of Reiki when life brings you lemons. Reiki practice can turn lemons into lemonade.

Photo credit: Aliyah Jamous

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