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Mindfulness & Reiki

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The Komyo Reiki Do practice motto, 'Place your hands, surrender & smile' seems simple enough but not so easy in actual practice.

Placing the hands, simple.

Smile, simple.

Surrender, not so simple.

What does surrender mean? For me, it is to let go. Let go of my mind, judgements & expectations on the outcome when we practice Reiki & being mindful. Not so easy. In the beginning.

While we have a body, we will have a mind that will analyse & judge. This is a natural part of the human condition. In today’s society, we put a lot of emphasis on learning, reading & analysing so it becomes second nature to think about a huge amount of things daily. We are so used to the complexity & the incessant thoughts that we find it hard to stop. There are times where our minds are so busy that we are literally driven to distraction & this in turn, can create a lot of stress.

In the beginning, Reiki students will have all sorts of thoughts, this is natural. Questions will always come up in practice, for example, are we ‘doing’ it right or asking if the receiver is actually feeling something. So many questions relating to the uncertainty of their practice, viewing the practice intellectually rather than allowing the experience to teach them. There will be insights but these are not related to judgements or perceptions of self. Even the more experienced practitioner will find that their minds will be unsettled during their practice at some point. No-one is immune.

Try practicing mindfulness with Reiki. When thoughts intercede, notice your breath, notice the feelings in your hands, notice the hands on the body, face, etc. Of course, thoughts & images will come through. Distraction happens when you engage or interact with your thoughts. Observe the feelings & images. Let them come, let them go. By observing, you are stepping back & being a witness rather than being the star of your own show. The more you practice mindfulness in Reiki, the easier it is to step back & the better Reiki will flow.

After a period of time, settling into Reiki will be quicker & easier. As with a lot of spiritual practices, there is an element of faith & trust that everything will be as it should & acceptance will follow. Reiki is no different.

Surrendering to the experience of Reiki will bring us closer to the ultimate goal of ‘Being Reiki’ & Anshin Ritsumei (pron. Ahn-shin Reet-soo-may), Japanese for absolute inner peace.

Photo credit: Giulia Bertelli

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