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Learn from Hyakuten Inamoto in Melbourne,Australia

Komyo Reiki Do Seminar
Melbourne, Australia.
12th -16th October, 2023.

with Hyakuten Inamoto,
Founder of Komyo ReikiDo

An Intensive in-person 4-day Seminar to be held in Melbourne with renowned International Teacher & Buddhist Monk, Hyakuten Inamoto, Founder of Komyo ReikiDo.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn a Japanese Reiki system based on traditional Japanese Reiki.  Places are limited so please book early.


Internationally known as an authority on Reiki, Hyakuten Inamoto has been an invaluable consultant and translator for many Reiki Masters and authors. He has been a guest speaker at numerous Reiki conventions and interviewed by many.


After much research into the original teachings of Usui Sensei, Hyakuten Inamoto developed the Komyo ReikiDo system in 1998 and began to teach extensively worldwide. Komyo ReikiDo follows the teachings of Usui Sensei and focuses on healing the body and, most importantly, the mind. Usui Sensei, the father of all Reiki systems, believed that with spiritual improvement, the body would have a better ability to heal itself naturally. Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei shares this belief.


Hyakuten Sensei is fluent in English and is noted for his kind, gentle manner, and sense of humour.


Pre-requisite:   Reiki Master and/or Teacher level all lineages. KRD Shihans, KRD Shihan Candidates,

                     KRD Okuden (pre-Oct 22).


Fee:               AU$1400    Early bird AU$1200 (on or before 11th August 2023)

                     AU$700 re-sitting fee for previous KRD Shinpiden students of Hyakuten Inamoto.

                     A deposit of AU$300 is required to hold your place.


Details:          All 4 Komyo ReikiDo levels will be taught in a 4-day intensive. 

                    Manuals for all levels will be supplied.

                    Reiju (attunements/initiations) will be conducted by Hyakuten Inamoto.


Contact & Venue Details

Host:             Sally Wain


Mobile:         0409 145 994

Venue:          Holiday Inn Express Melbourne Southbank,

                    Reception & Event Rooms, 7th floor,

                    Sandridge Room,

                    35-47 City Road,

                    Melbourne, Vic 3006.


Thursday, 12th October, 2023.

7:00 pm - 9.30 pm       

Reiki Information Night for the public and all Reiki channels of all levels @ $25 per person (free to seminar attendees).

Friday 13th - Monday 16th October, 2023.  Komyo ReikiDo Shinpiden (Schedule may change)

10.00 am - 6:00 pm each day with a 90 min. lunch break.

Day 1 – Shoden

Day 2 – Chuden

Day 3 – Okuden

Day 4 – Okuden/Shinpiden

Facebook page for the group will be available to ask questions on Komyo ReikiDo, arrange accommodation sharing and optional on-going training. The FB page will be open to all registrants, and will be available long after the seminar.

The Seminar is now booked out!

However, places are still available for the Reiki Information Night. Open to everyone, you do not need to be A Reiki channel.

Contact: Sally Wain

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