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Professional Reiki treatments and Reiki courses with Komyo ReikiDo Melbourne

Reiki for mind, body & inner being



'Reiki is about self-discovery. It is a journey of finding ourselves without judgment, to be happy because we can, and to be healthy in our views, reactions, and physical bodies. In essence, all of us want to be happy and healthy. Reiki is a way to achieve both'.

                     Sally Wain, accredited Komyo ReikiDo Teacher
                           Member of the Australian Reiki Connection

Komyo ReikiDo Seal

Komyo ReikiDo® founded in Kyoto Japan.

(pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Doh)

Komyo Reiki Do is a keep-it-simple Japanese Reiki system developed & founded by renowned International Teacher & buddhist monk, Hyakuten Inamoto.  It is a complete practice for mind & body. Komyo ReikiDo grows awareness & mindfulness, valuable inner practices for personal growth & development. Reiki is not just about hands-on-healing, it is an opportunity to find a little calm in your life through spiritual (not religious) practices.

Japanese Reiki has always been a two-fold practice, a spiritual & a healing practice. Reiki is about the whole person, total well-being for mind, body & inner being. It is about finding harmony & balance in life.

Komyo ReikiDo Melbourne provides training in the Komyo ReikiDo system and follows the practices & teaching of Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei. The Komyo ReikiDo system provides some Buddhist concepts and Reiki based on traditional Japanese practices. Just Reiki. Because that is all you need for a Reiki treatment or to learn Komyo ReikiDo. The courses are easy with plenty of practice time. Whether you are a beginner or existing Reiki Level 1 practitioner or more & would like to retrain, the options are there with endless support in your Reiki journey. 


. Stress Relief . Relaxation . Calmness . Stillness . Connection .
. Clarity . Wellness . Meditation . Personal growth . Balance. Harmony.
. Simple self help techniques .

Reiki Treatments
Komyo ReikiDo Courses
(pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Doh)
Reiki Share Groups
Review Existing Komyo ReikiDo levels

I can help you
Komyo ReikiDo Courses


Reiki Level 1 - It's all about self care.
Reiki Level 2, extend Reiki to others.
Reiki Level 3 - for advanced practices to extend into every day life.
Reiki Level 4 - Share the way by teaching others
Retrain in a Japanese Reiki sysytem.

Sally Wain, a Reiki practitioner and teacher of Komyo ReikiDo in Melbourne, follows the National Code of Conduct for all Reiki Therapy sessions and classes in Melbourne. The National Code of Conduct was created to ensure consumer protection in the healthcare sector. Reiki Practitioners & Reiki Teachers are classified as unregistered Healthcare workers similar to Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Dieticians & Speech Pathologists.

For further information, please visit the Health Complaints Commissioner of Victoria or the Department of Health in Victoria.


Sally Wain, principle Reiki practitioner and teacher of  Komyo ReikiDo Melbourne


Finding Deeper Meaning Through Reiki

Reiki has enhanced my life in many ways so I want to share this wonderful practice with as many people as I can whether it's through Reiki treatments and/or Reiki courses in Melbourne. 


I practice simply & teach simply. Reiki is about personal development, a process that grows your comfort zone so you can flow better through life. Reiki is a two-fold practice, not just hands-on healing but a spiritual practice.


Find some balance.

Find a different way of being.

Sally Wain being interviewed by Chairperson Carol McCrae of  Reiki Australia.



Book an Appointment for Treatments or book a Reiki Course

m: 0409 145 994

Level 1, Suite 4,
542 Whitehorse Road,

Mitcham Vic 3132

***Located on the service road between Mitcham Road & Station Street, Mitcham***
5 mins to Eastlink & 6 mins to the Eastern Freeway

Message sent.

A Reiki centre in Melbourne for balance and self-care.

Servicing eastern & south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, approximately 20 mins away from Balwyn, Bayswater, Blackburn, Boronia, Bulleen, Croydon, Doncaster, Forest Hill, Glen Waverley, Knoxfield, Mulgrave, Park Orchards, Ringwood, Rowville, Vermont, Wantirna, Wheelers Hill.

Accessible from the Eastern Freeway & Eastlink.

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