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Why Practice?

Practice brings awareness

I love to see my Level 1 students experience Reiki for the first time. The wonder of feeling this energy flow through their hands & body, makes me smile. It is sometimes hard to describe the feeling after receiving Reiju (also known as initiation or attunement. It is a process in which Reiki rises to our conscious level). Some students struggle to express what they feel. They can describe impressions but not the actual energy. Playing & experimenting with Reiki brings some small inkling of what Reiki can do.

But a Reiki workshop is only the beginning.

What students initially feel in class, can dissipate if regular practice is not undertaken. Some will question whether Reiki has deserted them. No, Reiki has not disappeared, it is still there. Practice is vital in keeping Reiki in our conscious level. Practice doesn't have to be much but it certainly needs to be done daily, especially self healing techniques. Why practice on yourself? Reiki strengthens the connection between mind & body. Awareness evolves over time so it brings change in perspective. Reiki is highly meditative & it is about personal development just as much as helping others. The more we connect & meditate with Reiki, the better we can express & feel our connection with our inner being.

Knowledge & theory can only bring you so far. Practice gives life to whatever you learn.

Basically, without practice nothing unfolds, nothing evolves. Reiki like any spiritual practice, requires time to reap the benefits. We need to work at practice to receive it's accumulative effect. Constant practice deepens our understanding & experience of ourselves & where we fit in life. What I see now is so vastly different from the beginning of my Reiki practice many years ago.

Today, there is beauty in my practice, I can feel it deep within. It sustains me throughout my day, helps support me in times of struggle. I know Reiki will always be there & there's comfort in that. I practice because I love it & I value practice because I experience the many benefits.

Practice is my sanctuary. Reiki brings me home & I can go there any time. All I need is to place my hands on myself & close my eyes.

Photo credit: Janet Orzechowski

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